Mindfulness 365

In 1-hour weekly sessions over nine weeks, participants learn practical mindfulness techniques from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Mindfulness 365 focuses on cultivating mindfulness in daily life. Through live mindfulness practice sessions, didactic lecture, and group chat with the instructor, participants learn how to incorporate mindfulness into every sphere of their lives, whether that’s communicating with others, washing the dishes, driving a car, or facing the everyday challenges of living. Participants must have a computer and an internet connection.

Registration Note: Once payment is completed, you will receive an invitation link to each session.

Location: Online WebEx Classroom.

By the end of the eight weeks of online training, participants will have a good grounding in what mindfulness is, how it supports health and personal effectiveness, and how to bring mindfulness into everyday situations. Participants are asked to practice between weekly sessions with a mindfulness practice recording of 20 minutes as well as to practice bringing mindfulness into their routine activities. The online curriculum is progressive and covers different topics each week. A sampling of topics are:

  • How perception affects the way we see our lives
  • The importance of gratitude and taking in enjoyment
  • How to be mindful during stressful experiences
  • Using mindfulness to manage our thoughts and emotions
  • How to use mindfulness in conversations and relationships
  • Bringing mindfulness to consuming food, media or other things we ingest
  • How to deepen the practice of mindfulness and make it a lifelong habit

The class also includes practical suggestions for how to be mindful during many routine activities like driving, walking, eating, transitions, and sleep.